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Rashidun Supplementary Schools aim to achieve excellence in the education and tarbiyah of young people and inspire in them love for Allah ﷻ, His Messenger ﷺ and His creation along with a lifelong connection with the Qur’an and values such as family, community spirit and social responsibility.

Our schools run on weekends and/or weekdays and we have a broad Islamic curriculum. Our students are between 5 and 15 years old.

Academic Excellence

An outstanding Islamic education in our view is one that is enriching for the lives of young people and leads them to high aspirations in future studies.

Building Great Character

Our students leave with a balanced perspective of Islam and the world we live in. By instilling strong Islamic morals, they develop a keen attitude and devotion to the deen.

Students are inspired by learning about the exemplary lives of the Prophets and their companions and also hearing about the achievements of modern day Muslim role models.

Community Engagement

Besides being the engine that brings communities together through education, Rashidun creates hubs to provide integrated and diverse services to benefit the whole community. These range from sports and cultural activities to adult courses and gatherings.

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