Islamic Studies


Children will gain a clear and thorough understanding of our faith and will be satisfied of all curiosities in open and encouraging discussions. Our aim is to guide the students while allowing them the freedom to reach the conclusions with confidence and in a way that they feel self-satisfaction.

They will enjoy workshop style class room debates to demonstrate how we validate for the existence of Allah, the Angels, Heaven and Hell etc. They will learn how these differ with secular ideas and how to cope with these conflicts.

After progressing from the basics of Aqeedah, children will also study the implications of these beliefs  on how we live which will inevitably lead to a reinforcement of their dedication to the deen.


Children will listen to exciting accounts that are closely associated of the origins of Islamic heritage starting from the beginning of creation to past Prophets and their peoples, leading all the way up until the modern era.

Events in history will be studied to extract the lessons and that can be learned from them. Cross curricular references will be made to further emphasise our tarbiyah objectives. Later on in their studies they will also identify and understand where our history agrees and disagrees with what they have most likely been taught in mainstream secular education.

Fiqh and Adab with Practical activities


Students will be comfortable in making clear distinctions between categories of rulings e.g. halal and haram, obligatory and forbidden etc and all topics will be clarified to this context.

Naturally, certain topics will be taught with a large proportion of practical focus such as ablution (wudhu), salah etc. Students will be confidently performing these taking regard of full etiquettes and are encouraged to commence and maintain these practices from the time that they are taught them.

Topics that are unfeasible to do in practice such as Hajj, funerals and trading will also be taught with a simulated practical element using role play, props and multimedia resources.