Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity’ 

Oxford English Dictionary

What is Rashidun Mastery?

Rashidun has a commitment to produce young people whose Islamic knowledge enriches their lives, equips them to practice Islam and serves as a preparation for future Islamic studies. As part of this commitment, Rashidun is developing a new, innovative and rigorous syllabus, which will not only challenge our students to become Muslims who are well versed and knowledgeable in regards to their deen, but are also Muslims who act on what they learn. Part of this new approach to our syllabus, is the incorporation of a ‘Mastery’ element across all our subjects.


We recognise that whilst every aspect of our syllabus is important, there are some aspects which will need a more intensive focus than others, either due to their relevance in our daily lives, or purely with the understanding that some things are essential information for any Muslim such as the six articles of faith or how to perform our salah correctly.

In order to maintain this focus, we have developed Mastery into the syllabus in order to ensure that students leave Rashidun with essential core skills and a base level of knowledge. This will be guaranteed through a higher threshold of assessment and testing coupled with a more rigorous approach to teaching.

Mastery is an outcomes based approach looking at what we want students to be able to do after they have undertaken a mastery component, and not purely at what we want them to know. So it involves a practical element, which means that Mastery components will be assessed practically rather than just in the traditional written format.

Aims and objectives

  • Ensure every Rashidun student leaves with the essential information that he/she needs in order to live their life as a Muslim at a practical level.
  • Ensure every Rashidun student is fully proficient in that knowledge, to the extent that they are able to teach and demonstrate their learning to others.
  • Ensure every Rashidun student is capable of articulating their faith and what it means to others, as well as to navigate himself/herself  in a non-Muslim society effectively and with confidence.
  • Ensure that at whatever stage a child joins Rashidun, they leave with the fundamental knowledge they need to function as a Muslim.
  • Ensure that a base level of knowledge is in place in order to allow for further studies whether at Rashidun or beyond.