Recitation of Quran


Rather than following the traditional aim of celebrating a complete recital of the whole volume of the Quran per se, primary focus is placed on learning the skill of correct recitation of the Quran. This is given paramount importance at Rashidun. Students are coached closely until they master excellent pronunciation and achieve a high level of proficiency in implementing the rules of Tajweed.

By the end of this training students will be able to read with full fluency when encountering substantial portions of Arabic text from Quran and also other Arabic texts with diacritics such as Hadith, classical books and modern literature.

Students will also have reached the competency to be able approach unfamiliar sections of Quran and recite impromptu whilst maintaining full implementation of the Tajweed rules. They will then continue further recitation in the “individual tilawah” period and also in their own time at home, to complete a full recital of the Quran.

Additional topics from the Ulumul Quran subject will accompany lessons in advanced classes which will give students an insight to important facts relating to the revelation of the Quran etc.

Listen to Rashidun student Ma’eesha (Age 9) reciting at Khalil Foundation’s annual dinner in front of a thousand people.