After their time at Rashidun, our aim is that students will leave with a balanced perspective of Islam and the world we live in. Additionally, by instilling strong Islamic morals they will develop a keen attitude and devotion to the deen. This will give them the impetus to perform their ibadaat e.g. Salah and Fasting, consistently into their adult life and spur them on to study further.

Students will  gain inspiration from what they learn in lessons e.g. the exemplary lives of the Prophets and their companions and also hearing about the achievements of latter day Muslim role models. Teachers will place particular emphasis on highlighting and encouraging the adoption of valuable morals learned.

Another key strategy for instilling good character and ethics and generating a desire in young people to  please Allah, is to create a positive association to such concepts and presenting them in an enjoyable format for example the use of recreational and sports activities in order for students to benefit from positive mentoring whilst engaging in an activity that they enjoy.

Types of Planned Activities:

  • Cultural Visits to land marks, museums and historical attractions
  • Sponsored reading and literacy challenges
  • Sports and Recreational activities
  • Activity and Adventure Clubs
  • Muslim Boy Scouts and Girl Guides